LG G6’s leaked Feature Speculations

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The latest flagship of LG which is yet to unveiled though we know a lot about it is gonna be one of the heart throbs of the upcoming MWC. LG, officially has not unwrapped anything about the LG G6, the web media is flooding out on a viral leaked image of the LG’s new flagship which is gonna to unveil within few days. The leaked images have showed something cool about this phone, we will discuss that part later in this update but let me inform you that the leaks show only the front and back renders while there is no info about the sides and the variants also!


LG G6’s Leaked Images- Big Guy is Coming, Confirmed!

In last few hours, LG G6’s new leaked images have taken the tech world upside down, and the tech enthusiastic around the world started dancing with the flow because LG G6 is one of the most coveted smartphones of this year because LG has shredded out the modular design after a lot of controversies. This is the main reason why the world is looking forward to test the new flagship from the house of LG. The images come out, and the whole world has gone crazy for it!


9to5Google is the first site where the leak got broken, and within few hours it was in the headlines of many others. Let’s have a look what it has got and how much it can surprise us.

LG G6’s leaked Feature Speculations

The render shows a full metallic back design with dual tone camera. With an additional feature it got a fingerprint sensor at its back. Yeah, though it’s somewhat traditional but have a look at the camera housing panel! That’s the point which makes me to sound WOW!

The display is looking quite awesome, and doubtlessly it will feature a splash proof coating and corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. The new 2:1 display will be quite remarkable and yet to be proved in the market.

Quick Specs Rundown of the LG G6

Let’s check a quick specs rundown of the leaked images-

LG G6 is to include a Snapdragon 821 SoC though in the naked eye it’s quite difficult to assume what is the processor in it but if you zoom the sticker at its back, you will understand the thing we are telling here.

Another plus point of this phone is the battery. A 3200 mAh battery provides it a giant backup power which lasts a day long at least even with if you are connected to LTE! Oh! We forgot to mention that it will support the latest 4G LTE in both SIM cards at a time!

The basic version will come with a 32GB flash storage system. Though we are sure, there will be some other variants which will have more than 32GB flash storage.

A lot of confusions were in the air whether the display will have 4K resolution capability or not, after analyzing the leaked renders we are damn sure that NO, it’s not gonna feature 4K display on its top but don’t worry it will not disappoint you because LG is gonna feature display with higher PPI for more clarity and vivid picture quality.

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