How to Auto Record all Incoming and Outgoing Calls on Android Based Smartphone

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Sometimes recording calls become very essential especially when you want to hear what you actually said during any conversation. But there is no automated call recording system in the Android phones. That’s why we have to resorts to many apps available in the Google Play Store. But maximum of them have issues with proper functionalities. That’s why we decided to write on this hot topic, and eventually, we have found an awesome solution for you.

How to records calls on Android phones?

auto call record on android

First of all, be informed that in maximum Android phones there is no preloaded app to record the ongoing phonetic conversation. So don’t waste your time in search of the app in your mobile.

SO what you need to do is very simple. Follow the steps given below and do as we direct step by step. If you are not able to record the calls even after that, let us know but be sure that your phone meets the primary point that we are going to mention.

Checking compatibility of your phone

Remember all Android phones may not support this because our method supports Android 4.4 or higher. So be sure that the Android phone in your hand meets this. If it meets this, then there will be no problem at all.

Let’s move to the actual process.

Step 1: First of all, what we need to do is that we are to install an app on our mobile. So head your fingers to the “Google Play” and there search “call recorder by the boldbeast.” Or click here for the direct link.

Step 2: Once you have found that, install that app and wait for a moment to get that app ready to launch. If the mobile shows that the app is installed properly then no need to waste time and launch the app

Step 3: You may need to change some settings like “when to start recording” and “automated recording or manual recording” etc. Do all the changes according to your ease.


We will recommend keeping the option ON for automatic call recording while receiving or dialing. It will erase your effort to keep the phone ON for recording all the time you receive the phone calls.

Step 4: Always see where the recorded files will be saved, generally it creates a folder in your phone memory, but there is an option where you can set the default memory for saving these files to your SD card. We prefer this because it won’t keep showing that you are running out of memory!

Step 5: After checking all the points, go and launch the app, that’s all, and you are done!

Bravo man! You have successfully set your phone to auto record all the calls, and the best part of this app is that you can set the call recording for some particular persons and from the unknown numbers too. It’s really a great beast, isn’t it?

Keep us informed with the problem you faced while trying the app or the article itself. More awesome content is on the way. Please add us to your bookmark list for future articles.