Streaming Services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Videos ‘will come in time’ to the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo switch is one of the best gadget released this year. People are going crazy about this new gen gaming console. I had a hard time getting one for me while I was at the nearest best buy yesterday. This shows how popular this gaming console is getting among all the Nintendo fans. I am enjoying this legendary gaming console. But one of the biggest setbacks for this gaming console is the lack of any media support. This is probably one of the very few gaming console available today which doesn’t support any streaming service.

Now we can see that coming to the popular Nintendo very soon. Nintendo Switch is one of the most selling Nintendo gaming console available today. It is only a few weeks, but Nintendo claims it has sold more Nintendo Switch in two days than all of its previous devices. Now that is why Nintendo wants to bring the streaming services to the Switch. Nintendo probably never would like to lose their sales on the basis of lack of streaming services.

Online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Videos and Hulu are few of the best movie streaming sites available on the market. You can actually watch Movies, Tv shows, listen to music and much more using these services. By bringing them to the Switch, Nintendo will probably see some more fan following.

Recently in an interview with the Washington post, the chief operating officer for Nintendo in America, Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime told that the streaming services ‘will come in time.’ Previously in the January, the company had issued a statement where they mentioned that the plan is ‘being considered.’ This shows that the company is listening to the criticism and will surely bring the streaming services to the switch.

Here is what Mr. Fils-Aime had to say in a recent interview with Washington post- “We’re talking to a range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time.”

Though Nintendo has not given any time frame. So, all we can do now is guess the date. But this confirms that Nintendo has taken all the suggestions and criticism in a positive manner and decided to to do something in order to keep every buyer happy as well as keep that sales figure constantly.

This is also worth mentioning that almost all the modern gaming console has their own version of streaming services which allows end consumer to stream their favorite TV shows from almost all the popular streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Videos are the names of the few subscription based streaming services that are widely popular. Even they have their own original series of shows and videos which again makes it important for the console maker to consider them in their own version of the console. Because no consumer would like to miss their own favorite show just because they have a Nintendo Switch.

As of now, it is a good news for everyone who just bought a new Nintendo Switch for themselves. This also proves that the company is listening to their consumers and doing changes that will suit their customers need.

What else you want to see Nintendo adding to their new flagship device? Keep us informed in the comment section.