Galaxy S8, Some Disheartening Facts and Info

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If you are still looking for the update for Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 then a huge setback is waiting for you. If the leak is considered as true then Samsung is gonna to tag the value of this smartphone higher than the base model of Apple iPhone 7! Though there is no official statement yet but the leak is considering as true in different tech sites around the world, it may be the only way to recover the huge loss causes by the Samsung Note 7 last year!

samsung galaxy s8
Source SlashLeak

Samsung S8 will not be that much excited we thought earlier

Due to some technical faults Samsung Note 7 got short circuited and caused sudden fire catch in several cases. That’s why Samsung recalled all the Note 7 around the world and replaced those with Galaxy S7. The company reported a dip of 96% revenue in tab sector. To come out of this bad image, Samsung has jumped into a new strategy- keeping the price high so that it can kill two birds with a single shot. What are these two things?

Higher Pricing May Kill the strategy

The first one, the tagged price will show that Samsung is serious about its smartphone market and keeping the flag of the brand high it counts for more value. And the second one is the price hike of the Galaxy S8 will help the company to recover the loss occurred due to the faults in Note 7.

But this is not the only thing which will make you disappointed. Apart from this disheartening story, there is another which literally has broken my heart though I am not hardcore Samsung mobile’s fan but I use to keep track of everything happens around this leading smartphone manufacturer. So what is that?

Galaxy S8 will not feature something which is gonna be a trend breaker. According to the report, S8 will feature the same things we saw in S7 but yes, with some extra finished ofcourse! That’s all.

Galaxy S8 Specs Roundup

Rounding up the fact, let me tell you, S8 will features same 5.5 inch quad HD display with the same PPI, that means there is nothing new. One thing can make difference and that’s the protruding display for better fitting to the VR set. Coming to the heart of the smartphone- the processor, Galaxy S8 will feature the same Mediatek processor with a higher RAM package! It’s coming with 4GB RAM and that too from DDR3 class. This is the only positive feel in this.

Moving to the camera department, S8 will house a 13 MP Sony camera with low light capturing technology. But the front cam will not make you excited. It’s just a 8 MP primary shooter with auto face recognition technology embedded to it. The image quality will not be better than S7.

Let’s move our eyes to the next division- outer design. The body is made of high grade plastic with a chromium lining at the edges and the. No info about the battery yet and same for the flash for the cam though we are expecting a dual tone flash for better image capture without shadow affect.