Snapchat to Launch Android Smartphone with 360 Degree Camera

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Snapchat aka the instant messaging app for the privacy freaks is coming up with its own branded Android phone! CEO of the Snapchat has confirmed the rumor, and it’s quite obvious that Snapchat will not implement advertising in the app soon. Rather it’s trying to create a loyal user base with its own smartphone and app both. Launching the smartphone is one of the prime models to acquire users because all phones will feature preinstalled Snapchat app.

Snapchat to develop its branded Android smartphone with 360 Degree Camera


Lately, the rumored Snapchat smartphone continues to be in the first procedure for development. There’s already a thought phone thanks to a California-based social messaging company, but nothing has been occurring stone yet. Predicated on the info though leaked just lately, the handset could include buttons that could make it possible for users to scroll through the several Snapchat Filters. The device could also have this one-touch capture function for easy and quick sharing of photographs and videos. There’s also reference to a 360-degree camera.

Yes, the biggest thing which can be featured as the biggest breakthrough in smartphone technology is the 360 degree camera capture.

Snapchat Android Phone- Other Features


Other leaked details indicate a particular lock display that has shortcuts to notifications, messaging, spectacles-syncing and updates. A rumored theme of the default screen, on the other hand, will display GPS, maps, Snapchat advertisements, and Stories.

Is there something more than just an Android phone?


Another inner leak found that Snap Inc also hired around 50 hardware and engineers and designers recently, so it is possible that the company could be serious in releasing this Android phone to the mass. But they are keeping mum on everything and wrapping the project with topmost secrecy.

Snapchat is growing slower than it predicted and particularly behind the Facebook backed Instagram. That’s why they are diversifying their business into a different portfolio. Coming into the smartphone business is one of them. Doubtlessly coming into the smartphone market, more precisely in the Android zone is a safe target and approach. If it can make break even in its smartphone business, then it will keep the Snapchat far ahead of the competitors because by this time it will acquire more users and monthly active users easily.

Snapchat is rebranding itself with some more product genres. Though the CEO confirmed the smartphone launch another leak reported a major update- Snapchat has acquired an artificial intelligence company recently with an undisclosed amount. It’s gonna be definitely a big advantage if it’s planning for something big in the coming months. Snapchat may either choose the artificially intelligent home appliances or sports devices. But there is nothing confirmed yet. Initially, it’s focusing on user acquisition, but the market experts are indicating that there are many things apart from the normal user acquisition.

What’s your take? Do you think something differently? If you are avid snapchat users then what are you thinking about the upcoming Android phone by Snapchat? Will it emphasize on privacy just like its app?